• 30 Days To Minimal Blogging

    30 Days To Minimal Blogging
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    30 Days To Minimal Blogging is an interactive, digital, 30-day journey to a stunningly more mindful blogging experience.
    Presented in 6 powerhouse sections, this guide gets to the heart of what you need—from how to create balance in your blogging career to monetizing your blog.
    The hands-on worksheets in every chapter will provoke you to thought, spur you to action and draw out your creative mission. Then there are the timely interviews with big influencers in the Minimalism and Mindfulness world I hunted down just for you. They've got some real gems of insight for us.
    The drive behind it all is getting more done while doing less—and adding a world more of meaning to your blogging endeavors.

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    321 Page e-book
    30 Interactive guides for daily practices
    06 Interviews with artists and influencers from the bloggosphere
    30 Motivational quotes
    Personal insights from my experience as a designer and more.
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    + Inside The Book

    My entire life has been driven by an endless sense of expectation and intrigue. I believe most people are shaped like that. We're all dreamers and we all long to make something of ourselves beyond our wildest imaginations. That's why we fight so hard to acquire knowledge, things, relationships... and everything in between.

    We become so fond of the things we put our minds to and time into that they take con- trol of us, wearing us down rather than us managing them. Soon our visions and dreams dissipate — and along with it, our sense of wonder.

    In your life as a blogger, you have probably already been told to lower your expecta- tions... or maybe you've told that to yourself, because you've already gone above and beyond with little to no results. So I want to stop you right now and tell you: do not lower your expectations. Up the ante by believing in yourself once again, and dare to create the space needed to birth new dreams as you work steadily towards them.

    I never thought I'd be in the position of not only being my own boss... but a few years ago, I'd also have laughed in someone's face if they'd told me that my life was going to someday be the way it is now. Yet as I write this, I couldn't see it not being like this.

    Funny enough, I never had the privilege of choosing to become a minimalist. Neither did I become more mindful as a result of trends. The truth is that both sneaked up on me, while slowly and unexpectedly taking over areas of my life I would never have imagined I'd feel comfortable letting go of.

    For the longest time I believed that having time for everything was the key to success — so I threw myself into my work, like one jumps from a tall cliff into a shallow river.

    The concept of doing less to get more done is mind-boggling. Exponentially so in my case... because my response to anxiety was always to calm myself down by working even harder. I now understand how common that damaging reaction is among us who are reluctant to let go of our dreams.

    It's clear to say that this journey for me hasn't been a straight and wide road to success — quite the opposite, in fact. It's been about becoming more aware of my efforts, my time and my limitations — and about constantly letting go of damaging notions that were a disservice to me and my dreams.

    This guide is not intended to give you an inspirational sugar rush and pump you up with hard-hitting phrases like, "Get shit done!"... because I don't think that will transform your life. Chances are that out of all the people who have been successful at this (and who've been able to sustain their creative career for years), they haven't just "gotten their shit done".

    You need a strengthening of your core values — a solid base that allows you to with- stand success (and the lack of it) equally as gracefully. A plan based on the honest truth that success in the end is failure without a sense of fulfillment.

    That's why I want you to learn a way of transforming not only your career but also a couple of inner triggers. It's not about living zen or living peacefully — it's about chang- ing your mindset and grabbing a hold of new, effective perspectives of success, your inspiration and your life's work.

    This guide, book, manual... whatever you want to call it, aims to give you ideas that you might not have had until now, because you’ve been too busy making a living and striv- ing in this career, while some of the small truths I'm about to talk about might very well have passed you by — and understandably so. I might not know you personally but we'll probably feel connected by a common sense of drive in the end.

    The material you're about to read has been broken into 6 main sections:

    There are a series of chapters — in each of which you'll find one daily practice. I truly hope you're able to resist any impulse or excitement, clip your wings and restrict your- self to going through this only one day at a time... because while a lot of it will resonate as familiar, I can assure you these ideas are based on principles that will drive you to go far beyond mere productivity.

    What the book condenses and distills are daily personal focal practices that have...

    ...had the biggest impact on my life as a person who now feels proud and comfortable enough to call herself a minimalist (not that I want to convert you into one). The chap- ters will be short but jam-packed with intention.

    I've also sneaked in some personal sto- ries and interviews for the purpose of showing you there is a way, no matter who you are, what neck of the woods you're from or what you've chosen to believe about your- self and this job up until this point.

    No matter where you find yourself in your blogging career — if it's making a living from it... or trying hard to, this guide will help you all the same. The objective is to allow you to focus on the things that matter most without compromising your own personal growth and fulfillment.

    Allow me to take you on a focused 30-day journey of discovery, decision making, detachment and improvement. By only reading one chapter a day at a time, you will feel as if this were a part of your routine and not a burden you must steamroll through to take you to where you want career-wise. Trust me, 30 days might sound long now — but by the time you finish this, you would have taken in more than you could have anticipated.

    Start your journey to mindfulness today by reflecting on your journey. It wasn’t easy getting here for me — but neither was it impossible. Your mantra through this should be: "I deserve it"... and God! do I hope you truly believe that.

    + Book Reviews

    "A beautiful, heartfelt book, written for beginner and veteran bloggers alike, 30 Days To Minimal Blogging, not only speaks to the audience intended, but is overflowing with information towards a more meaningful way of expression. Being a long time admirer of Blog Milk and the work of Ana Degenaar, I was deeply moved by her words, intentions, and energy woven within the text; humbled by the invitation to share thoughts through an interview included within the book. 30 Days To Minimal Blogging is not only an opportunity to change the way of approaching blogging, but of rethinking the very essence of why we create."

    Satsuki Shibuya — Energy painter, spiritual thinker and writer.

    "A couple of years ago, I ended up in a rut blogging wise. Nothing I was writing inspired me and if I couldn’t inspire myself, how could I inspire others… No matter how beautiful the content was, it just didn’t work and then I realised that after nine years of blogging, I had changed as a person and the layout and design of the blog didn’t fit any longer who I was and what I wanted to pass on creatively to others. Does this sound familiar?
    Here comes Ana Degenaar … Ana is a web designer who designs beautiful, minimalist Blogger and WordPress themes. Now, if you’re looking at revamping your blog, brand image, logo and find a great Designer, you only need to look at the footer of your favourite blogs and very often the web designer will be mentioned there. There is plenty of great web Designers out there but for me, it was Ana’s aesthetic and simple approach that stroke a chord.
Now, I’m not going to tell you how easy it was to work with her (it was) and how much of a difference, re-vamping the blog made a difference to my life from a creative point of view but after that, I felt the fire for blogging in my belly again." Continue Reading ...

    Karine Kong — Photographer, stylist and author of Bodie and Fou

    "30 Days To Minimal Blogging — a wonderful & incredibly detailed book on minimalist blogging, helping its readers to find mindfulness & focus. I'm also proud to share there's an interview with me in the book. It's a superb piece of writing. Thanks to Ana Degenaar."

    Carl MH Barebrug — Creative director of Minimalissimo magazine.

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30 Days To
Minimal Blogging

30 Days To Minimal Blogging is an interactive, 30 day journey to a stunningly more mindful blogging experience. Presented in 5 powerhouse sections, this guide gets to the heart of what you need — from how to create balance in your blogging career to monetizing your blog.


I’m a freelance artist, designer and writer, who after nearly 9 years in this field is still passionate about art in multiple forms and expressions. After many designed blogs, written words and skills added to my resumé, I can attest to the fact that curiosity and mindfulness is what takes a great idea to a grand result. My expectation is that you and your brand will experience a creative process and a by-product that has a positive effect - from the visuals all the way down to its core.

I create a diverse range of work across a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to: blog theme design, identity, print design, web design, writing, photography, consulting, marketing and much more. If you have a project in mind there’s only one thing left to do...


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